The Studuino Programming Environment is designed so that even beginners can easily create advanced programs. Simply drag and drop the icons or blocks that control your robot into the Program Field. These programs are Arduino compatible. Programs created in the Studuino environment can be converted into Arduino language, which you can use to design even more advanced programs

Supported hardware        


Scottie Go! Edu

The app allows to scan the commands by capturing a photo or a video. Once the command has been scanned, Scottie will carry it out step by step, and the player can see if the task has been performed correctly.
The game includes 90 tasks with growing levels of difficulty helping players to develop their programming skills. Supported hardware      

mBlock 5 

A block-based and text-based programming software.
mBlock 5, based on Scratch 3.0, is designed for STEM education. You can write programs for Makeblock robots and other hardware. By combining the functionalities of AI and IoT, mBlock 5 makes code learning simple and fun.

Supported hardware                 

mBlock 3 

A block-based programming software compatible with Arduino.
mBlock 3, based on Scratch 2.0, is a block-based programming software designed for STEAM education. You can write programs for Makeblock robots, Arduino boards, and other hardware. You can also create fun games, stories, and animations.

Supported hardware                 


A game-based programming software.
The mBlock app is a game-based programming software for STEAM education. Without any prior knowledge, users can start programming robots by playing through games, and can then personalize their mBots with newly-learnt programming skills.

Supported hardware           



App for controlling Makeblock robots with your mobile device.
A mobile app for controlling Makeblock robots. Users can immediately get started with the built-in controller, and drag the controls to create a custom multi-function console, or even program their robot to create more advanced functionality.

Supported hardware                     



Flow-based programming app with IoT support.

The Neuron app is the companion app designed for Makeblock Neuron® electronic building blocks. You can code for the electronic blocks by drawing lines on the screen, so there is no need to learn complex programming languages.

Supported hardware